A cloud middleware for data exchange between cloud services, cloud applications and also local IT systems.

With the Cloud Platform Integration, SAP offers an integration environment in the style of an iPaaS.

With the new look and intuitive design, SAP has successfully managed to reduce complexity without limiting the possibilities. Integrations of systems of all kinds can be implemented in a short time and in a maintenance-friendly manner.

The integration of cloud services and cloud applications is currently in focus. On-premise systems can also be optimally connected, as was already the case with the pioneer SAP PO.

For many SAP products there are already ready-made integration solutions that only need to be configured.

Free SAP CPI Introduction

Currently we offer a free 1-day workshop for new customers.

Our services and experience

Groovy und JavaScript

Individual processing steps cannot always be solved with the given board means of the CPI. At this point a script is often the last solution. With the necessary SAP libraries we can successfully connect challenging interfaces and implement complex mappings with e.g. lookups. We also help you with the maintenance, support and versioning of your developments.

Authorization concept

You want to ensure that productive processes cannot be modified?

And each technical interface can only be accessed by an assigned user?

Then we will be happy to help you set up a sustainable authorization concept in the Cloud Cockpit.


Monitoring is one of the everyday tasks. We would be happy to make this work as clear and convenient as possible for you.

Checking the traffic and load of the CPI instances are necessary to detect possible performance restrictions. Cross-instance message monitoring is also possible, we would be happy to show you how.


You want to be notified when system-relevant processes are not working or systems have failed?

We implement classic SMS or e-mail notifications.

In-App integrations with your ticket system (e.g. Attlassian Jira) or an instant messenger (e.g. MS Teams, Slack) are also possible.

Error Handling

Situation-dependent error handling is indispensable for solid processes. Necessary tools are provided by CPI and mechanisms such as logging, rollback, retry or alerting can be implemented by us. We would be happy to advise you on decision and design issues, as well as on implementation.


We can introduce you to proven concepts for the realization of a full development cycle with the CPI and also consider the transport of the developed artifacts.


We can implement this type of message adjustment in different ways: XSLT mapping, graphical mapping, multimessage mapping or even individual mapping functions are possible.

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