Please note!

Support for SAP NetWeaver 7.31 and 7.4 will end in 2020! Migrate to SAP PO 7.5 as soon as possible to continue receiving support.

10 reasons for migration

  • B2B Add-On

    The B2B Add-On is already included free of charge in most SAP PO licenses. With the SAP B2B adapters, you can use classic EDI to talk to your business partners. There is no need to use third-party EDI providers or expensive adapters. This alone can justify the migration.

  • Easier configuration and monitoring

    Since the applications all run on a single SAP Java stack, it is much easier to configure, monitor and maintain the SAP PO system compared to SAP PI.

  • Better data throughput

    Switching to the Java architecture means that you get a massive performance increase of about 30%. This increase can be felt very quickly after the migration.

  • Business Process Management

    With SAP PO we get access to SAP BPM, which enables an excellent integration of activities and workflows via BPMN. We automate integrations wherever possible and include human steps that allow for verification or additional data (e.g. mapping errors that can be solved directly by a business department).

  • Business Rules Engine

    SAP BRM enables you to enable business departments to customize the behavior of processes and integrations using business rules. These can be maintained in production, so that changes can be made at the speed of the business rather than the speed of IT. Examples are look-up values, sign-off limits, thresholds etc.

  • Modern user experience

    Where human interaction is required, this can be done using UI5 user interfaces that work on desktop, tablets and smartphones. The best example is the “My Inbox” Fiori App.

  • Easier development

    Since all tools in SAP PO are contained in a central stack, it is now much easier to develop complete solutions using the NetWeaver Developer Studio.

  • Support

    Support for all versions up to and including SAP PI 7.4 will expire in 2020.

  • Cloud Integration

    The iFlows used in the SAP PO system use artifacts that can also be reused in the HANA Cloud Platform Integration (formerly SAP HCI). So if you want to outsource integrations, existing developments can be quickly deployed in the cloud.


    With SAP PO you can run your middleware on SAP HANA. This allows you to gain real-time insight into system tables, integrate operational process intelligence directly into process/integration events and use HANA Smart Data Streaming for high-volume IoT scenarios.
    Note: The SAP PI Dual Stack is not released for SAP HANA. Instead, in 7.5 you have to split the ABAP and Java application servers into several SIDs.

Migrate now to SAP PO 7.5 or SAP CPI

Support ends for all older versions on 31.12.2020

Migrate correctly

License conversion
If you already have PI, BPM, and BRM licenses, you can have SAP credit these to your PO license.

You must discuss with SAP how these can be converted into a license credit.

Since the change from PI to PO is a migration, no upgrade can be performed on the spot. If you plan to do this over a certain period of time to reduce the risk, you can discuss with SAP whether you can use both licenses in parallel for the migration period.

Migration tool
SAP provides a migration tool that can move or convert the PI content to the new SAP PO. Elements that cannot be moved are the ccBPM processes (which are replaced by BPM in PO) and ABAP mappings, since you then no longer have an ABAP stack.

Migrate now!

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