Application Management Support

When the problem arises, we already know the solution!

Our support concept ensures that we are informed in real time about error conditions in your middleware. Without you having to contact us, we already have a picture of the situation.

This basis enables us to act quickly, exactly when it is most needed.

However, we are innovative above all when it comes to solutions:
Our error database supports us in known error cases with proven solution patterns. This saves time and costs.

Real-time monitoring

With the alerting set, we get every error immediately.
Before a critical condition can be reached, we contact you with solution proposals.

Error database

We learn with you and all other customers, so our solution portfolio is constantly growing.
Our automatic error evaluation suggests proven approaches. So you benefit from a fast and good solution at once.


We would be happy to arrange suitable Service Level Agreements with you. This way it is always transparent when we react and when you can count on a solution.


A good support process includes the right workflows. We support everything from the approval process to incident and change conversion. Completely adapted to you.

Support channels

A sympathetic ear everywhere!

For our AMS support we rely on Atlassian with the Jira Service Desk. This proven tool helps us to observe your individual SLAs and always keep an overview. Customers also get access to their open tickets and can set their own priorities.

We are also available 24 hours a day by telephone and are happy to take your request.

Become more independent now, using our support

To give you more time to plan the next projects, we are happy to take over your support. Contact us and we will show you the possibilities of a modern support.